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Start a Commercial Trading Company in UAE with Commercial Trade License

Launch your trading enterprise in the UAE, leveraging tax-free advantages, 100% foreign ownership, and seamless global market access. Obtain your commercial trade license and unlock boundless opportunities for your company’s growth and success

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7 steps to setup a Commercial Trading Company in UAE

Unlock the potential of your business with a Mainland company, sanctioned by the Department of Economic Development (DED) in the UAE’s respective Emirate. Discover the advantages of registering your company on the UAE mainland and receive an informative guide to setting up your enterprise in the heart of Dubai!


Gather the required documents, business plan, and financial projections to initiate the setup process.

Legal Procedures

 Engage with the DED for initial approvals, trade name reservation, and legal document submissions.

Business Activities

Clearly define your business activities and select the appropriate legal structure for your company.

Location Selection

Choose a strategic location for your business within Dubai, considering accessibility and target audience.

License Acquisition

Obtain the necessary licenses from the DED based on your business activities.

Registration and Visas

Register your company with the DED and apply for employee visas for smooth operations.

Operational Commencement

With all formalities completed, commence your business operations and start your journey to success!

Why Choose LLC Mainland Company Formation in UAE ?

Diverse Business Scope

Dubai mainland companies have unrestricted business activities across the UAE and internationally, unlike free zones.

Local Market Access

Mainland setup grants direct entry to the UAE market, catering to local customers and leveraging the nation's economic growth.

Government Opportunities

Mainland companies can secure government contracts, while certain industries require mainland licensing for operation.

Flexible Location

Enjoy the freedom to choose strategic business locations within Dubai, enhancing accessibility and visibility for clients and partners.

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Advantages of Commercial Trading Company Registration

Wider Business Scope

Experience the freedom to engage in diverse activities across the UAE without limitations.

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Local and International Trade:

Seamlessly tap into local and global markets, positioning your business for exponential growth.

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Full Ownership

Enjoy complete ownership of your enterprise, giving you control over strategic decisions and growth initiatives.

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Economy of the United Arab Emirates

Mainland Setup in Dubai: Inclusion

Allowing 100% Foreign-Owned Businesses

Dubai permits full ownership of businesses by foreign investors, offering complete control and decision-making authority to international entrepreneurs without the need for local partners.

Extended Visas for Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs setting up businesses in Dubai can obtain extended residency visas, allowing them and their families to reside and work in the UAE, promoting long-term business growth and stability.

Extremely Low Tax

Dubai's corporate tax rates are nearly zero, minimizing the tax burden on businesses. This tax-friendly environment encourages investment, growth, and profitability.

No Withholding Tax:

Dubai does not impose withholding tax on dividends, interest, or royalties, allowing businesses to repatriate profits abroad without incurring additional taxation, further enhancing business attractiveness.

Get Commercial Trade License and Start your Mainland Company Setup in Dubai Today! Take advantage of our expert guidance and seamless services to establish your business in Dubai's thriving market. Begin your entrepreneurial journey now!

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