Mainland Business Setup Dubai

Choose the right mainland trade license! Business setup specialists at CIG Dubai will help you choose the most suitable and beneficial Dubai mainland license, be it commercial, professional, or industrial.

Mainland Company Formation in Dubai

We will help you meet the basic requirements for establishing a Dubai mainland business!

With more than 16 years of experience in helping investors, businessmen, and entrepreneurs incorporate companies in the UAE, we have the expertise to help you establish your mainland company. One of our experienced business setup executives will work with you and provide all the guidance you need to meet the most basic requirement of obtaining a mainland license for a mainland company. We understand the importance of you having the right trade license as it ascertains the legitimacy of your business. Besides, we will help you choose the most appropriate business activity, jurisdiction, and company structure. This is because where your company operates has an impact on the type of mainland license you have to acquire and the requirements that must be met.


We Will Ensure the Success of Your Mainland Business Setup

At CIG, our services go beyond just helping you set up the business. We will help you grow your business and succeed.

Acquire your Mainland License

Establish your Company

Choose your Business Activity and Jurisdiction

Grow your Business

01Professional Trade License

Experienced mainland company formation experts at CIG Dubai will provide you with all the support you need to acquire a professional trade license from the DED.

02Commercial Trade License

We can help you obtain a commercial trade license if your goal of planning a business setup in Dubai mainland is buying and selling goods, commodities, or any other trading activities.

03Industrial Trade License

At CIG Dubai, we also provide end-to-end services to help our clients get an industrial trade license if their goal is to involve themselves in manufacturing or other industry-based activities in the UAE.

We will help you comply with all legal requirements related to mainland company formation.

At CIG Dubai, we specialize in guiding you step-by-step and completing all the legal requirements, irrespective of the type of mainland company structure you opt for.

Business Setup in Dubai Mainland

When setting up a business in Dubai mainland, the first step is applying to the Dubai Economic Department for a trade license. The legal requirements to be met to obtain a mainland license include the following:

Determine whether you should apply for a professional, commercial, or industrial license
Choose the business activity you want to do
Decide on the legal structure of your company (limited partnership, limited liability company, private joint stock company, or public joint stock company)
Choose a trading name for your business

Benefits of Mainland Business Setup

Mainland company registration is beneficial in many ways. They include no trade restrictions, 100% company ownership and flexibility in terms of location.

The UAE authorities do not place any restrictions on where you can locate your business on the Dubai mainland or what you can trade with other companies. Mainland companies are also allowed to open branches and provide services to government departments. When you want to add to the offerings of your mainland company, you just have to re-register with the DED for the new business activity. Apart from 100% company ownership, another important benefit for mainland companies is the eligibility to apply for government contracts, which are very lucrative. Finally, a Dubai mainland business can choose from more than 3,000 business activities.


Dubai Mainland Business Setup – Steps Involved

Choosing the business activity from the list of over 3,000 permitted business activities
Identifying the ideal location for the mainland company in the UAE
Determining the right legal structure for the company (most common is a limited liability company)
Identifying a local sponsor or service agent (we can help you find a sponsor/service agent)
Choosing a name for the company as per UAE guidelines
Applying for the mainland trade licence
Securing the office space
Applying for relevant visas based on the area of the office space
Mainland Company Formation in Dubai

Documents Required for Mainland Company Formation in Dubai

When submitting the application for company registration, you also need to provide a brief description of your business activities and the following important documents:

Directors’ and shareholders’ identity and address proof
Copies of directors’ and shareholders’ passports
Copy of certificate confirming trade name
Articles of Association
Memorandum of Association

Why Choose CIG Dubai for Mainland Business Setup?

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