Dubai Freelance License

Are you a professional who wants to work as a freelancer in Dubai? We at CIG Dubai will liaise with the concerned governmental authorities and help you obtain a freelance license.

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Securing a freelance license allows you to work as an independent professional in Dubai.

Dubai freelance license, an official document that you can obtain from the DED or a free zone authority in the UAE, allows you to register your services with the respective governing authorities. If you have a freelance license, you can legally reside in Dubai while operating as a self-employed professional. In addition, reliable institutions and platforms recognize your services only if you have a valid freelance license. The requirements to be complied with for obtaining a freelance license may vary from one free zone to another. Therefore, you must contact the concerned Free Zone Authority to learn about their eligibility requirements. Most free zones issue freelance licenses to individuals who have 1 to 3 years of experience in their respective fields.


We Will Assist You in Choosing the Best Free Zone

You just have to let us know the field in which you are an expert. We will help you identify the most appropriate free zone for you.

Select the Free Zone

Apply for Your Freelance License

Understand the Eligibility Criteria

Receive Your License

We Provide End-to-End Freelance License Services

At CIG Dubai, we offer comprehensive and personalized services to help our clients obtain their freelance licenses in a hassle-free manner.

Freelance Trade License Dubai

If your goal is to work in Dubai as a freelancer, we will liaise with the Department of Economic Development and help you get the required license. Freelance license experts at CIG Dubai will also help you obtain a valid freelance visa and a health insurance policy, which are required to comply with the applicable rules. In addition, we provide tax and VAT services, as VAT applies to all services that you offer to your clients even though you don’t have to pay personal income tax.


Procedure to Obtain a Free Zone Freelance License

Choose a suitable free zone and get the application form
Apply for interim approval by providing a business plan, a valid passport copy, a reference letter, and a recent passport-size photo
A confirmation letter will be sent to you
Proceed after confirmation of acceptance of your application
Submit all the required documents along with the signed confirmation letter
Pay the applicable freelance license fee, sponsorship fee for employee visa, and the first instalment of rent for office space (optional), as well as other applicable charges
Sign the Free Zone Sponsorship Agreement to obtain your freelance permit and visa in about two weeks’ time

The validity of a freelance visa may be for 2 to 3 years, but the license has to be renewed every year.


Procedure to Obtain a DED Freelance License

Gather all of the required documents, including a copy of your passport, a passport-size photo, an updated CV, a completed application form, and the contact information for two professional references
Submit the documents either by email or in person
Pay the applicable fees (application and licensing fees)
If approved, you will get your license in about two weeks

The Dubai Creative Clusters Authority issues licenses and regulates freelancers’ activities. The freelancer license in Dubai has to be renewed every year.

Dubai Freelance License – Benefits

The benefits of obtaining a freelance license and visa include the following:

Flexibility to provide services to multiple companies
The fees to be paid to obtain a freelance permit are highly affordable.
The GoFreelance package helps to reduce your setup costs
You are not required to have any office space.
The freelance visa allows you to sponsor family members

Why Choose CIG Dubai?

Highly affordable services
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