Trade License in Dubai

CIG Dubai, the top business setup services company in the UAE, has 16 years of solid experience in the field and has helped thousands of investors and entrepreneurs launch new businesses.

Trade License in Dubai, UAE

Dubai is one of the most attractive destinations in the world for foreign investors when it comes to starting a business.

However, one of the most basic and essential requirements to be complied with is obtaining a trade license. The Dubai Department of Economic Development (DED), supported by the Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry, is the legislative body for regulating and controlling the procedures for the issue of trade licenses in the UAE in all areas other than those that come under the purview of free zones. However, some categories of businesses need to obtain approvals from certain ministries and local authorities before applying for a trade license in Dubai.

A free zone trade license in Dubai is issued by the authorities that are responsible for regulating business activities in respective free zones. Furthermore, when it comes to trade license renewal in Dubai, all companies have to do it on time every year to continue their operations.

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Type of Trade License in Dubai, UAE

Business setup experts on our team at CIG Dubai have the vast knowledge,  experience, and expertise to advise and guide you in choosing the right trading license based on your business activity, industry, and jurisdiction.

Professional License
Commercial License
Holding License
Industrial License
Tourism License

Business Activities

In UAE, under the type of trade license all the business has been classified into activities and sub activities based on the nature of the business.

It is really important to know how exactly the activities and sub activities matching with our business category. Only expert legal business advisors like CIG can help the customers to educate and give the right business solutions to start up their business or expansion.

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Factors that determine the cost of a trade license:

Type of Business Activity

Location of the Business

Type of Trade License

Special Privileges Required

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CIG Will Help You Obtain the Right Trade License in Dubai

With 16 years of experience, CIG Dubai, the best business setup consultancy in the UAE, can help you obtain a trade license, whether you want to incorporate a mainland or free zone company.

Our business setup experts will provide you with all the guidance you need to obtain a trade license to run a business in Dubai. As the leading business setup consultants in the UAE, we have several years of experience helping investors and businessmen apply for and obtain the appropriate trade license to set up and run a mainland or free zone company. Our business setup executives are adept at handling all issues related to applying for a trade license in the UAE and organizing the required documents, complying with all legal formalities so that you have a totally hassle-free experience. At CIG Dubai, we offer end-to-end services for obtaining licenses so that our clients can focus more on their core business activities.


01Mainland License

At CIG Dubai, the most reputed business setup services company in Dubai, we liaise with various government entities and the DED to help you obtain your mainland trade license.

02Free Zone License

As we are aware of the benefits offered and limitations set by each free zone, we will help you select the most appropriate jurisdiction based on your chosen business activity.

03Offshore License

We are also a one-stop shop for entrepreneurs who have a goal of setting up an offshore business in Dubai and entering the international market for foreign trade.

At CIG Dubai, we know exactly what it takes to acquire a trade license

As an experienced and trustworthy business setup consultant in Dubai, we have the expertise to advise you on the type of trade license you should apply for to meet your needs.
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Get a Trade license in Dubai

trade license in the UAE is the first and foremost requirement for the smooth operation of your business. Our association with different business councils, official boards, and committees of the DED and the FDIs of Dubai and Abu Dhabi for more than 16 years has enabled us to establish robust relationships with various UAE government bodies. This means that we are well-placed to help you secure the trade license of your choice by organizing the paperwork and additional approvals needed.

Trade License for a Dubai Mainland Company

If you are planning to establish a business in mainland Dubai, we will help you apply for and secure the right trade license from the DED. Our services also include:

Helping you choose a business activity from the 2,500+ activities listed by the DED
Selecting a location for your business based on your chosen activity, budget, etc.
Assisting you in deciding the legal structure of your company
Helping you identify a UAE national as a sponsor or service agent
Enabling you to choose a trading name for your organization
Helping you apply for and secure a mainland trade license
Identifying an office setup in Dubai in the most appropriate location
Applying for visas as per your requirement
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Trade License for Dubai Free Zone Company

When it comes to securing a trading license for a business to be incorporated in a free zone, we will liaise with the concerned UAE free zone authority. Other related services that we offer in this regard include:

Identifying a free zone that is best suited to your requirements based on your chosen business activity
Deciding on the type of legal entity you want to incorporate
Choosing a name for your company
Applying for a Trade License
Choosing office space
Obtaining pre-approvals and registering your company
Getting free zone visas as needed

Benefits of Securing a Trade License in Dubai

Allows you to manufacture, import, and re-export goods
improves the credibility of your business
Enables you to enjoy tax benefits
Fewer trade restrictions
Allows you to sponsor dependents
Speeds up the business setup process
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Why Choose CIG Dubai?

End-to-end services for obtaining a trade license in Dubai
More than 16 years of experience in the UAE market
Help with organizing all required documents
Experienced and friendly consultants
Dedicated relationship manager
Custom services
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